Queen by Midnight’s Gen Con Debut, How to Play, and Full Release

Raise those scepters, Princesses: our new game Queen by Midnight is releasing in full on August 22nd, and will be available this weekend at Gen Con in limited advance quantities!

This battle royale deckbuilding boardgame puts you in the role of badass Princesses vying to become the new Queen of the Midnight Court! The game features a stunning centerpiece Clocktower that acts as a dice tower and rotates to face the active player. Critical Role’s very own Producer Kyle Shire was the designer, so this project is dear to all of our hearts! 

Visit us at Booth #2835 (find us on the far right side of the map) to pick up your very own copy of the game, PLUS promo cards featuring beautiful foil versions of each Princess’s Ultimate Card, free with every purchase of the game. Arrive early in the morning to get our allocated copies before they sell out!

To get you hyped for this epic release, we worked with the lovely folks at Good Time Society to create a How to Play video! Learn how to set up the game, take actions to earn and spent Clout, and knock down the other players’ Health until only one Princess (and possibly their Advisor) remains!

Dive right in and learn to play:

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Don’t forget to get your copy at Gen Con Booth #2835 this weekend or purchase through a local Darrington Press Guild store to get those amazing foil Ultimate Cards!

Starting August 22nd, you’ll be able to order from all of our Critical Role shops as well, and other friendly local game stores soon after.

Learn more about Queen by Midnight—and take a look at the PDF rulebook, creator list, and more—on the game’s page here.