The Uk'otoa board game, displayed with box, hexes, meeples, faction tiles, and cards.


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This flagship title from Darrington Press is a tactical game of semi-cooperative card play where factions of sailors vie to be the last claimed by the raging sea leviathan, Uk’otoa. Uk’otoa is the first official board game developed by the Darrington Press team—a fast-paced, enthralling game of thrilling nautical adventure from the world of Exandria (as seen on the webseries Critical Role), for gamers everywhere. Uk’otoa is a must-have for fans of tactical card play, map reduction board games, and legendary sea creature enthusiasts.
All sailors fear the tales of Uk’otoa, the all-seeing Great Leviathan beneath the sea. The worst has come to pass—the beast has you in its serpentine clutches. As the toothy maw of Uk’otoa ravages your ship, you’ll have to run, push, and sacrifice others to win!


Hexes are placed on the board to represent the wreckage of a destroyed ship, and are progressively removed as they are consumed by the dauntless Uk’otoa. Players take on the roles of two factions which they share with their neighboring players, and use cards to best position their two teams to survive. Each card in a player’s hand carries immersive, gorgeous art and easy-to-understand icons depicting the movement it provides. Check out the Uk’otoa rulebook PDF for complete details.


  • 26 ship deck hexes
  • 25 terrified sailor meeples
  • 5 faction tokens
  • 60 movement cards with lavish art
  • a 52mm high-quality miniature of the Great Leviathan Uk’otoa!


  • Game Design: Jeb Havens
  • Game Art: Hannah Friederichs
  • Additional Game Design: Gabriel Hicks
  • Layout: Vee Hendro
  • Uk’otoa Sculpt: Niklas Norman
  • Sea Shanty: Written by Taliesin Jaffe and Dani Carr


  • Players: 3–5
  • Ages: 12+
  • Play time: 30-45 minutes
  • MSRP: $29.99 USD
  • Release Information: Uk’otoa is available now at Critical Role shops (USUKCA, and AU), Darrington Press Guild stores, and other friendly local game stores in the US.



You can find Uk’otoa at Darrington Press Guild stores and Critical Role shops:

Uk’otoa is coming soon to other friendly local game stores in the US. Distribution: Our games are currently distributed through ACD, Alliance, and PHD.

If you’re new to the world of Exandria, you’ll find much more to love about the factions in Uk’otoa and the Great Leviathan himself in the Critical Role webseries.

Critical Role is a weekly livestreamed RPG game set in Exandria, which is the world created by veteran voice actor and Game Master, Matthew Mercer. Each week, Matthew leads his friends (also fellow voice actors!) on epic adventures. In Campaign 2 of Critical Role, the powerful leviathan Uk’otoa lies imprisoned deep beneath the sea, but communes with warlock Fjord (played by Travis Willingham) to act as his patron.

Catch previous episodes of the show on YouTube and the Critical Role podcast network (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more). Tune in live on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. For catching up quickly on Campaign 2 and all things Uk’otoa, Fjord, and friends, be sure to enjoy the Crit Recap Animated series.

We strive to keep our PDF rulebook up-to-date with any errors that have been caught since the printing. For clarity, here are the key differences between the printed copy and the corrected PDF copy of the rulebook:

  • Page 6: The phrase “Pink Sailor” should read “Red Sailor.”
  • Page 7, referring to Diagram 4: The sentence “Diagram 4 shows that the Green Sailor can push only the Yellow Sailor and Purple Sailor that are closest to them.” should read “Diagram 4 shows that the Green Sailor can push the Blue Sailor, then the Yellow Sailor before ending the action; or the Red Sailor.”
  • Rulebook back page misspelling: Shanty’s writers should read Taliesin Jaffe and Dani Carr