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Describe and Dramatize

Till the Last Gasp is a 2-player dramatic storytelling game of duels! Spanning genres and settings, this game throws you straight into two player PvP action—and as blows are exchanged, emotions are betrayed, secrets revealed, and stakes raised. Till the Last Gasp uniquely enables you to capture the climactic energy of your favorite cinematic showdowns, in new tales imagined by you!

Duel in Any Setting

Play fist-fighting monks, gunslingers on a windswept plain, high-tech laser sharpshooters, and wielders of the arcane arts! Till the Last Gasp can accommodate nearly any setting and a wide variety of genres and characters. You can even import characters from other storytelling games or media you love! Use the conflict between two characters to delve into the heart of their story, the setting itself, and the emotions tangled within them.


The Till the Last Gasp box contains:

  • A 40-page rulebook with step-by-step instructions and examples of play, as well as three pre-made scenarios
  • 2 twenty-sided Duel Dice
  • 20 six-sided Edge Dice
  • 2 Player Boards
  • 9 Jumbo Map Cards for thrilling genre-spanning backdrops to your duels
  • 12 pre-made characters for quick play
  • 2 blank character sheets
  • Drama Deck
  • Objectives and Stance Cards
  • Tokens and trackers


  • Created By: Will Hindmarch
  • Additional Design: Alex Roberts
  • Producer: Alex Uboldi
  • Writing By: Alex Roberts, Meredith Katz, and Austin Taylor
  • Editor: Meredith Katz
  • Scenarios By: Austin Taylor
  • Graphic Design: Stephanie Gottesman
  • Illustration: Arka Tu, Daryna Kyrychenko, and Idamaria Pajala
  • Cover Art: Arka Tu
  • Cultural Consultant: James Mendez Hodes


  • Players: 2, with an optional facilitator
  • Ages: 14+
  • Play time: 60-90 minutes
  • MSRP: $39.99 USD
  • Release Information: Now available at Darrington Press Guild stores and Critical Role shops (USUKCAAU, and EU), coming soon to other friendly local gaming stores.



Below are key errata that have been caught since printing: 

  • On the Objective Cards Like a Cornered Animal, Thrill-Seeking, and Having Way Too Much Fun, “Wary Stance” should instead read “Rattled Stance”.