ANNOUNCING: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Critical Role’s hit Tal’Dorei campaign setting is redesigned and re-released, bigger and better than ever before!

A mockup of the sourcebook Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, showcasing an airship adventure scene on the cover (illustrated by Genel Jumalon) and bearing the logo, Darrington Press logo, Critical Role logo, and author names Matthew Mercer, Hannah Rose, and James J. Haeck.


Battle for life and death on the high seas!

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Uk’otoa is a fast-paced game of semi-cooperative card play where factions of sailors vie to be the last claimed by the raging sea leviathan, Uk’otoa.

This flagship title of Darrington Press delivers an enthralling game of nautical adventure from the world of Exandria (as seen on the webseries Critical Role), for gamers everywhere.

Uk’otoa is a must-have for fans of tactical card play, map reduction board games, and legendary sea creature enthusiasts.


Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn is the definitive sourcebook for bringing the locations, people, creatures, and character options of the Tal’Dorei continent to your gaming table, designed by Matthew Mercer, Hannah Rose, and James Haeck. It provides 280 stunning, art-filled pages that revise, update, and expand upon the popular and out-of-print original sourcebook, adding new lore, character options, creatures, magic items, and subclasses compatible with the 5th edition ruleset.


Syndicult is an original modern magic roleplaying game designed by Matthew Mercer in which mob families jealously guard secrets and battle it out for power on the city streets. Featuring an elegant storytelling dice mechanic, Syndicult is a low magic world where all bets are off.

Guardians of Matrimonia

Fight the monsters, save the party! Guardians of Matrimonia is a cooperative card game where you guard a wedding from a deck of party-crashing monsters, originally designed as a gift for Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray’s wedding! Players have pre-built decks that are pitted against a deck of monsters (party crashers). If your deck runs out, everyone loses. But if you battle your way through the entire party crasher deck, everyone wins!

Critical Role Adventures

Embark on your own journey through Exandria with Critical Role Adventures! Play as the upstart adventurers Vox Machina and overcome treacherous challenges. This cooperative legacy-lite campaign game uses a unique, narrative mechanic for social and combat encounters, luring you back session after session. Within this enormous box, you’ll find a host of hidden treasures and a rich storybook to guide you through thrilling combat, dynamic character growth, and tales worthy of the name Vox Machina.

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