A one-page RPG of scrappy familiars on a mission!

Our new game is a one-page RPG called A Familiar Problem, a game of scrappy and stressed-out familiars on a daring quest, created by Marisha Ray from Critical Role along with Honey Heist designer Grant Howitt.

It debuted at game stores on Free RPG Day on June 25th (US), and international stores will see it on July 23rd! Watch it played in a special one-shot GM’d by Marisha Ray: A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle’s Incredible Journey!

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A graphic displaying the title "A Familiar Problem", with a banner saying "Free RPG Day" and info below saying "A one-page RPG of familiars on a mission by Grant Howitt and Marisha Ray", with the Darrington Press logo and zine-y scrawlings of animals.


The definitive 5e sourcebook of Critical Role's continent of Tal'Dorei!

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Battle for life and death on the high seas!

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