22 Mar 2023

A New Language, New Release, and New Platforms!

Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn is now available digitally in the French language, at DriveThruRPG, AND to virtual tabletops over at Roll20! Plus, A Familiar Problem, Marisha Ray and Grant Howitt’s one-page RPG of familiars on a mission, is now released for FREE on the Darrington Press website and DriveThruRPG.

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01 Mar 2023

WATCH: How to Play Till the Last Gasp

Learn to play Till the Last Gasp with this action-packed How to Play video from Becca Scott and Good Time Society! Get this wonderful overview of gameplay before the game releases on March 14th at Darrington Press Guild stores and Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, AU, and EU), followed soon after at other friendly local game stores. Till the […]

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14 Dec 2022

Announcing Till the Last Gasp: a Dramatic 2-Player Game Coming in 2023!

Ready your blades and prepare to bare your hearts! We’re pleased to announce our 2-player dramatic storytelling game of duels, Till the Last Gasp, coming to tables in March 14, 2023! Spanning genres and settings, this game throws you straight into two player PvP action—and as blows are exchanged, emotions are betrayed, secrets revealed, and […]

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02 Jun 2022
A graphic displaying the title "A Familiar Problem", with a banner saying "Free RPG Day" and info below saying "A one-page RPG of familiars on a mission by Grant Howitt and Marisha Ray", with the Darrington Press logo and zine-y scrawlings of animals.

Announcing A Familiar Problem: A One-Page RPG

Sometimes the smallest heroes are also the most stressed out—prepare to play the animal  familiars of an adventuring party with our new one-page RPG, A Familiar Problem! Created by Marisha Ray (Critical Role) and designed by Grant Howitt (Honey Heist), your scrappy and stressed out team of familiars will set out on a daring (and […]

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18 Mar 2022

First Looks at Our Upcoming Games!

This week we’re wishing Critical Role a very happy 7 year anniversary! At Darrington Press, we’re delighted to be making new tabletop games with the exuberant team of game-loving nerds at Critical Role. In celebration of this milestone, let’s walk through first looks at TWO of our upcoming games! Guardians of Matrimonia Guardians of Matrimonia […]

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23 Feb 2022

Mapping the City of Whitestone in Tal’Dorei Reborn

Today we have a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn from the book’s cartographer, Andy Law! The city of Whitestone faced dark days during the events of Critical Role‘s first campaign, as explored in the recently-released animated series The Legend of Vox Machina. However, Tal’Dorei Reborn updates the continent by two decades, changing […]

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18 Jan 2022

Now Available: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

It’s here! Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn is now on sale at all of our Critical Role shops: United States United Kingdom Canada Australia European Union You can also find it today at Darrington Press Guild stores, and coming soon to other friendly local game stores in the US. There’s so much to love in this […]

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