A collaborative storytelling card game of love, betrayal, doubt, and devotion


Darrington Press has entered its queen era—on the heels of Queen by Midnight, we are thrilled to declare that our next game is a new edition of the beloved storytelling game For the Queen by Diana Jones Award-winning Alex Roberts, now available at:

For the Queen is a card-driven collaborative storytelling game that invites you to tell a dramatic narrative about a Queen’s journey with you, her companions! What will you learn about her (and yourself) along the way? In the end, will you stand for or against her?
Many of us at Darrington Press have enjoyed the first edition of For the Queen—it’s perfect for playing at conventions and for quick drop-in games, as it’s no-prep and teaches the game as you play! We had the chance to work with Alex Roberts on Till the Last Gasp and are deeply honored to work with her again and give For the Queen a complete visual redesign, all-new art from talented artists, an easy-to-use new box, and refined card prompts!


A Scintillating New Edition

We worked with original designer Alex Roberts to refine the game and give it a completely new visual design, added cards and Queen illustrations, more elegant packaging, and all-new illustrations from a diverse team of talented artists. 

The 91 cards come in a travel-ready box with a ribbon perfectly placed for easy card removal, making this game ideal for on-the-go gameplay at a convention, around a campfire, or waiting in line at the DMV! With 25 unique illustrated Queens to inspire you, and taking place in any genre or setting you choose, you’ll never tell the same tale twice.

Promo Cards Featuring Queen by Midnight Princesses

Plus, Darrington Press Guild stores will have some exclusive promo cards of our very own princesses from Queen by Midnight, reimagined as ruling Queens! Find your local Darrington Press Guild stores here, and if you’re a retailer, apply today.


Players: 2–6+

Play time: 30-120 minutes

Age: 13+

MSRP $24.99 USD

Released May 14th, 2024, in:



Game Designer: Alex Roberts

Editor: Meredith Katz

Cultural Consultant: Cai Kagawa

Game Production Manager: Alex Uboldi

X Card: John Stavropoulos

Graphic Design: Matt Paquette & Co

Artists: Arlei Dormiendo, Arthur Riel Cabezas, Brady Evans, Caitlyn Kurilich, Céline Vu, Cheseely Li, Chelsea Ortega, Constance Bouckaert, Denis Freitas, Eleonor Piteira, Esther Tejano, G.C. Houle, Hamahmeyo, Jeong Kim, Kelsey Eng, Lemonjuiceday, LABillustration, Lara Georgia Carson, Lauren Covarrubias, Malia Ewart, Maxine Vee, Nicole Gustafsson, Karina Pavlova (WeirdUndead), Silly Chaotic, Tasia M S

Promo Cards Artists: Ameera Sheikh, Mike Pape