Announcing Caper Cards: Bells Hells

It’s been a busy year so far at Darrington Press, with Queen by Midnight debuting at Gen Con next week, but we have even more up our sleeve! 

We’re delighted to announce that Caper Cards: Bells Hells has been added to our 2023 slate!

In this cooperative card game, assemble the Bells Hells adventuring party of Critical Role Campaign 3 to pull off a daring heist. You’ll aim to play your Crew cards strategically as a team, hoping to exceed the value of the treasure you’re pursuing without going over 21. Each Crew card bears gorgeous art of the teammate, the card’s numerical value, and an ability, such as Chetney’s ability to be played as either a 6 or a 9. Play is quick, with gameplay lasting around 20 minutes, and you can play it with up to 4 players, including a solo mode.

The game comes in a compact box containing 24 Crew Cards (3 of each member of Bells Hells), 1 Risk Card, 10 unique Reward Cards, and a Player 1 Marker Card. With these cards, players can work together to plan and execute their heist.

Caper Cards: Bells Hells was designed by Manny Vega, with art by David Rodrigues, graphic design by Matt Paquette & Co., and editing by Jeff Fraser

Caper Cards: Bells Hells will be on sale in October 2023 for $14.99 at Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, AU, and EU), Darrington Press Guild stores, and soon after in other friendly local gaming stores.