Come Play Games at Gen Con!

They’re alive: this August, come play Darrington Press games at Gen Con in Indianapolis! We’re running demos of games at our booth (Booth #2835, find us on the far right side of the map) as well as running games you can sign up for in the event catalog.

Some key highlights:

  • Queen by Midnight will debut at Gen Con, and we will have a limited quantity of the game available for sale, alongside special foil versions of each character’s Ultimate Card! These cards will only be available at Gen Con and through Darrington Press Guild stores during its full release later in August, so get them while you can.
  • This will be the world’s FIRST LOOK at Daggerheart, our forthcoming fantasy TTRPG system that lends itself to long-form campaign play and character advancement!
  • Play “Dressed to Kill”, the Candela Obscura assignment included in the Candela Obscura Quickstart Guide
  • Dive into the fray with our 2-player storytelling game of dramatic duels, Till the Last Gasp.

Sign up for events now, and come see us in Booth #2835!