Queen by Midnight: Meet Hephesta and Doctor Lux!

The six Princesses battling for the crown of the Midnight Court couldn’t be more different, and we can’t wait for you to take their powers for a spin when Queen by Midnight releases next week on August 22nd!

Today, the game’s designer Kyle Shire gives them voices (and a taste of their abilities) in these responses to their invitation to participate in the Rule By Midnight, as well as design notes and behind the scenes details of these characters! Find their full backstories in the rulebook PDF located in the Resources section of Queen by Midnight’s page, alongside the How to Play video and a handy rules reference to aid your play!

Without further ado, meet Hephesta and Doctor Lux:


Hephesta is a great Princess to play when learning the basics of Queen by Midnight. Her entire kit is based around mitigating damage and staying alive for as long as possible. Patience and pacing are the keys to playing Hephesta.

Fun fact: Hephesta’s character design was based on my personal favorite incarnation of Cinderella: the 1997 made-for-TV movie Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.

Dear Members of the Midnight Court,

I have rewritten this letter more times than I can count, for I cannot find the words that describe my shock and despair. Queen Ostere of the House Morrigan was a wise ruler and a fierce defender of Twelvefold’s sacred communion with the fey. Her spirit now shines brightly within the Spectrum.

I must confess that when I read the terms of Queen Ostere’s succession, I was evenly filled with honor, humility, and hesitation. As you may know, I reclaimed my throne just one year ago from usurpers. After ending the Battle of Twilight Gulch, I smote my former stepmother and stepsisters in a duel of honor. I heard the voice of my mother, refracted through the Spectrum, guiding me to don her armor and take the Prism back. And now, as I write this letter, I can feel her resonance once again.

I, Hephesta, Daughter of Bobara, Lightbreaker and Princess of Prism Vale, do solemnly accept the terms of the Rule By Midnight. On my hammer and shield, forged from pure Crystalore by my ancestor Delphine, the first Midnight Queen, I vow to attend this sacred contest.

I seek no harm in this endeavor and will only fight as a last resort, or within the confines of an honorable duel. And if it is required, I will lay my healing hands upon any injury sustained by me or any princess that requests my aid. By the light’s grace, I hope every princess lives to see the stroke of midnight.

But be warned; if I come face to face with a true evil during this contest, I will not hold back. Like the day I turned the tide at Twilight Gulch, I will call upon the Spectrum to conjure an unstoppable cavalry. The meek will transform into the mighty, mice will turn into men, and doves into dragons. I will roll over any evil force in one glorious charge.


Hephesta the Lightbreaker

Princess of Prism Vale

Doctor Lux

Dr. Lux is full on pedal to the metal right from the jump. If you like high risk, high reward games of chance, look no further. Her ultimate, The Beast, is one of my favorite cards in the game. However, I advise you to wait for the right moment to use it. Wait until 9 or 10 o’clock (round 9 or 10) and then unleash the Beast, when your opponents have very little time to find a solution for it.

Fun fact: Dr. Lux has several subtle nods to my Mom within her art, cards, and bio because my Mom is the ultimate absent-minded professor.

To whom it may concern,

My condolences on your loss. Queen Ostere certainly was indeed the Midnight Queen for over fifty some-odd years, what an accomplish- can you hand me that syringe? No, the bigger one. Thanks. Where was I? Oh yes. The dead queen. Her majesty’s untimely demise has left me positively bereft.

Now as for this Rule By Midnight business, I have elected to attend this rather amusing caprice. As a woman of science, I simply live for the thrill of an unexpected development. I would be remiss to not participate in such a momentous event with my fellow princesses. I may not possess legendary magical talents like Princess Rosaline, nor am I a renowned warrior like Princess Hephesta, but I am confident I’ll hold my own.

Which reminds me, make sure I’m stocked up on Formula X1219 before I leave. Let’s see, last time I was able to hold the transformation for over three hours, and that was before I doubled the stabilizing protein chains in X1218. I hypothesize that if I ingest the Beast Formula after 8 o’clock, my better half will rip through the competition and keep me alive till long after midnight.

I can’t wait to see their faces when puny little Dr. Lux turns the tables on them, especially that self righteous goodie two-shoe, Hephesta.

Soon, Dorit, all of the knowledge and resources of the Midnight Court will be at my disposal. I can almost taste it.

Wait, Dorit, you’re not writing down everything I’ve been saying, right?


Dr. Lynn Lux, PDH

  • Scholar Supreme of Raisonbord
  • Princess

Look forward to Queen by Midnight’s full release on August 22nd! And don’t forget: special foil versions of all the Princess Ultimate Cards are available while supplies last through copies purchased at a Darrington Press Guild store. Find your local Guild store today and place a preorder!