Now Available: Queen by Midnight

The crown of the Midnight Court is at stake. Who will be its next Queen? The wait is over! Queen by Midnight is now available in all our Critical Role shops!

If you purchase your copy of this amazing game at a Darrington Press Guild store, you can receive special foil versions of all the Princess Ultimate cards, while supplies last.

Queen by Midnight is an epic 3–6 person deck-building boardgame where you take on the role of one of the fierce Princesses going all out in a battle royale to be crowned the Midnight Queen by the time the clock strikes 12! Each Princess offers a different set of strengths and cunning for you to use in the fight against your opponents to be the most powerful one left standing to win the crown. Inside the box you’ll find a beautiful clocktower, 2 six sided dice, 6 player boards, 108 princess vault cards, and much more!

Creative Team

Many thanks to the folks who poured so much love and imagination into bringing this exciting game to life:

  • Created and Designed by: Kyle Shire
  • Additional Design by: Alex Uboldi
  • Graphic Design
    • Layout: Matt Paquette
    • Cardboard: David Killing
  • Art by: Ameera Sheikh, Michal Ivan, and Mike Pape
  • Editing: Travis D. Hill, Donald Behne, Darcy Ross, and Kaitlyn Money
  • Playtest Coordinator: Hank Finnin
  • Cultural Consulting: Christine Sandquist and James Mendez Hodes

Check out this super cool video of Boss No, voiced by the marvelous Laura Bailey, introducing each of the Princesses, featuring new art of the Midnight Court by Clara Daly and musical theme by Colm McGuinness, and the wonderful artwork by the game’s artists.

If that wasn’t enough to get you hype, you can also check out this amazing How to Play Video, the official Rulebook PDF, as well as the Reference Sheet & FAQ to get you on the road to a gallant gameplay experience.

Midnight is fast approaching—don’t waste any more time. Go purchase your copy of Queen by Midnight at Darrington Press Guild stores (which carry special foil versions of each Princess Ultimate card as a promo!) or Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, AU, EU) today! Also, hit us up on social media to let us know which Princess you’re battling with using the hashtag #QueenByMidnight.