Inaugural State of the Press: A New Boardgame and Two New RPGs!

Huge news from Darrington Press: our very first State of the Press is now live on the Critical Role YouTube channel! Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton walk us through the glorious announcements of new titles and updates about previously announced titles. 

The breaking news is the announcement and beautiful debut of Queen by Midnight, an epic new deck-building boardgame of Princesses going all out in a battle royale! Who will be crowned the Midnight Queen by the time the clock strikes 12? The video showcases some of the game’s mechanics, the beautiful component design and art, and a heartfelt tale of the origins of this game from designer (and Critical Role Producer!) Kyle Shire.

Further, the video announces two new RPG systems we’ll be releasing: Illuminated Worlds, optimized for short story arcs and adaptable to myriad settings, and Daggerheart, a fresh take on fantasy RPGs with emphasis on longer campaigns and rich character options.

At Gen Con this year, you’ll be able to play AND purchase Queen by Midnight, and you’ll even be able to take our two upcoming RPGs for a spin. We hope to see you there!

And finally, we share some updates about previously announced games:

  • Guardians of Matrimonia, the cooperative boardgame of an elite team of fantasy wedding planners tackling the emergencies that threaten the big day of the adventurer spouses-to-be, will now be releasing in Early 2024!
  • Syndicult is still in development, and Critical Role Adventures is on pause while we work on this array of wondrous games!

So many updates for our first State of the Press! Stay updated about all these games and events (and much more!) by signing up for our newsletter.