Announcing Our New TTRPG: Candela Obscura

Gather your wits, investigators, and step into a world of esoteric mysteries with Candela Obscura, a new tabletop roleplaying game using the Illuminated Worlds System as recently announced in our State of the Press! In this game of gothic horror, individuals of varied talents are brought together under the organization Candela Obscura. You’ll pursue strange occurrences and encounter dangerous magick, fighting back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed.

Candela Obscura was originally created by Taliesin Jaffe and Chris Lockey, with Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall serving as lead designers and writers. Steve Failows serves as director and co-produced this project alongside Maxwell James. The Illuminated Worlds System that the game uses was designed by Stras Acimovic and Layla Adelman.

Watch it Played: A thrilling and chilling new streamed actual play series of Candela Obscura will debut on May 25th at 7pm Pacific on Critical Role’s Twitch and YouTube channels: we can’t wait for you to see what this series and game has in store. Check out the trailer below!

Play Candela Obscura: For those who want to fully dive into this narrative system in a fabulous new setting, we have several opportunities coming up for you!

  • A free Candela Obscura Quickstart Guide and a How to Play Video launching the morning of the first episode’s premiere (May 25th).
  • If you’re joining us at Gen Con, we’ll be running full gameplay sessions of Candela Obscura using the adventure that will appear in the Quickstart Guide.
  • Finally, a comprehensive Candela Obscura Core Rulebook will be published near the end of this year, giving you all the tools to explore Candela Obscura and tell your own stories!

For more information, read the full announcement here.

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