Uk’otoa On Sale Now!

The day has come—Uk’otoa is unleashed upon the world! This board game of thrilling nautical adventure is available right now in Darrington Press Guild stores and Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, and AU). In the coming days, Uk’otoa will arrive at other friendly local game stores in the US.

The Uk'otoa board game, displayed with box, hexes, meeples, faction tiles, and cards.

Assemble your favorite 3–5 players and get ready to become sailors from various factions of Critical Role’s Exandria: the Myriad, the Revelry, the Clovis Concord, the Darrington Brigade, and Ank’Harel. In this semi-cooperative tactical game, you’ll play cards to run, push, and sacrifice other sailors as you try to stay one step ahead of the advancing sea beast Uk’otoa. As the ship crumbles and sailors dwindle, the last left standing will win! Complete rules can be found in the PDF rulebook, a resource on the Uk’otoa page

The Uk’otoa board game contains:

  • 26 ship deck hexes
  • 25 terrified sailor meeples
  • 5 faction tokens
  • 60 movement cards with lavish art
  • a 52mm high-quality miniature of the Great Leviathan Uk’otoa

Uk’otoa breathes its first breath thanks to the hard work of these incredible creators: Jeb Havens (game design lead), Hannah Friederichs (game art), Gabriel Hicks (additional game design), Vee Hendro (layout), Niklas Norman (Uk’otoa sculpt), and the haunting Uk’otoa Sea Shanty writers Taliesin Jaffe & Dani Carr.

We hope you join us in this dangerous seafaring adventure!

Find Uk’otoa at Darrington Press Guild stores and Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, and AU) today.