WATCH: How to Play Uk’otoa!

Learn to play Uk’otoa with our new How to Play video!

Uk’otoa is a semi-cooperative board game in which you control two factions of sailors, sharing one faction with a player to your left and a second faction with a player to your right. Protect your meeples from the sea monster Uk’otoa and the sinking ship, and be the last sailors standing to win the game!

From start to finish, the video below takes you through game setup, card play, and how to maneuver around the shrinking board. You’ll discover the basic movements of the game, like running, pushing, swapping sailor meeple positions, and unleashing the wrath of the advancing Uk’otoa leviathan.

Now, you’ve got the basics of gameplay! For the complete rules, including optional rules and advice for first-time play groups, check out the rulebook on the Darrington Press Uk’otoa page under Resources.

This delightful video came to life with the dulcet tones of one Travis Willingham, whose warlock Fjord tangled with the leviathan Uk’otoa during the Mighty Nein’s adventures in Critical Role’s Campaign 2.

And that gorgeous miniature featured in the How to Play was painted by Ian Phillips of Iron Tusk Painting.

We love seeing the creative paint treatments folks are using to paint this gorgeous creature. Keep tagging us in social media when you post pictures of your leviathan creations on Twitter and Facebook!

A photograph of the unpainted Uk'otoa miniature, grey and gorgeous, that comes inside each Uk'otoa box.

Uk’otoa is now widely available! Get your copy from Critical Role shops (USUKCA, and AU), Darrington Press Guild stores, or other friendly local game stores in the US.

A photograph of the Uk'otoa box on a table, with the cover taken off and propped at a jaunty angle, revealing the rulebook on top of the contents inside.