Candela Obscura Games Week

Lightkeepers and investigators of Candela Obscura: a new phenomenon is upon us so ready your circle! We invite you all to join us for Candela Obscura Games Week! That’s right, from July 26th through August 1st, we’re encouraging you folks to come together for a week of playing and running games of Candela Obscura at home, online, your friendly local game stores, or wherever you all meet! And we want to make it easy for you so we’ve brought together lots of resources (like the just released Candela Obscura GM Roundtable) to help you to take the plunge and try running or playing this game for the first time, or honing your craft and meeting other fellow investigators!

New Character and Circle Sheets & Updated Set of 6 Pregenerated Characters!

As a resource for players, we have new downloadable interactive character and circle sheets and updated static character and circle sheets, PLUS we updated and expanded the Quickstart Guide pregenerated characters to a full set of 6! Find these resources and more as always on the Candela Obscura homepage.

How to Participate

We said we want to make it fun and easy for you so check below for a couple of ways for you to find groups, events at friendly local Darrington Press Guild stores, and additional resources for players and GMs!

Find Your Circle at Darrington Press Guild Stores and Online!

Whether you want to run a game or find one to join, there are plenty of great places to get linked up with a Circle! Our incredible friendly local game store partners in the Darrington Press Guild are organizing events throughout the week: check out the regions below and reach out to your local stores to hear what they’re planning.











New Mexico

New York


South Carolina

South Dakota





  • Kingston, Ontario: Nexus — August 1

For online games, check out the following group finders from our own Discord and our digital partners:

Looking For an Assignment or Want to Share Yours?

Are you a content creator with Candela Obscura streams, podcasts, or assignments and supplements that take advantage of our Community Gaming License? Candela Obscura Games Week is a GREAT time to promote your work to help others find, watch, and play your materials! Use the hashtag #CandelaObscura on social media or post in the Darrington Press Discord Candela Obscura Homebrew channel!

Or check out DriveThruRPG’s full catalog of Candela Obscura titles!

Check Out Our GM Roundtable!

We invite new GMs and experienced to watch the just-released GM Roundtable, where our four GMs of Candela Obscura on Critical Role dive into the questions we see the most and bring their top advice for GMing this game—if you’ve been on the edge of taking the plunge, let this be the gentle nudge you need!

Additional Resources

Candela Obscura Homepage

Candela Obscura Books, Accessories, and Apparel: Find at Darrington Press Guild stores and USCAUKEU, and AU Critical Role shops





Bookwyrms TTRPG Reading Club

Learn the game along with Bookwyrms, a program about studying TTRPGs with the goal of running or writing for them, who is focusing on Candela Obscura in July!

What are great resources you’ve made? We’re highly encouraging everyone to promote your Candela Obscura actual plays, assignments, tips, and inspiring artwork, all building to a week of games! Just remember to tag Darrington Press, use the hashtag #CandelaObscura, or come chat in our Darrington Press Discord to join the conversation!