Now Available: For the Queen

Trusty advisors, the wait is over. For the Queen has arrived and is now available to purchase! Find it at Darrington Press Guild stores, other friendly local game stores, or Critical Role online shops today:

Build your court of 2–6+ players and weave together a tale of devotion, secrets, loyalty, or betrayal of your Queen. Create your own Queen, or choose from one of the 25 gorgeous illustrations to inspire the journey of your story. Take this new edition of Alex RobertsFor the Queen with you on any journey you embark on! With the new magnetic box, you won’t have to fear losing any of these beautiful cards to the wind. Using the 91 included cards for gameplay, there are an endless number of stories. In the end, decide if it is your protection or betrayal that makes you declare, For the Queen!

As a plus, you can have 6 more Queens to enhance your royal stories. If you purchase your copy of For the Queen at a Darrington Press Guild store, you’ll have a chance to receive these amazing promo cards featuring the Princesses of Queen by Midnight imagined as crowned Queens, with art by Mike Pape and Ameera Sheikh!

Is your retinue spread across the lands and time zones? We are thrilled to say For the Queen is ALSO available virtually on Roll20! Let Roll20 go the distance for you and enjoy being able to play with your retinue anytime anywhere.

Enormous thanks to the talented creative team of For the Queen:

Game Designer: Alex Roberts

Editor: Meredith Katz

Cultural Consultant: Cai Kagawa

Game Production Manager: Alex Uboldi

X Card: John Stavropoulos

Graphic Design: Matt Paquette & Co

Artists: Arlei Dormiendo, Arthur Riel Cabezas, Brady Evans, Caitlyn Kurilich, Céline Vu, Cheseely Li, Chelsea Ortega, Constance Bouckaert, Denis Freitas, Eleonor Piteira, Esther Tejano, G.C. Houle, Hamahmeyo, Jeong Kim, Kelsey Eng, Lemonjuiceday, LABillustration, Lara Georgia Carson, Lauren Covarrubias, Malia Ewart, Maxine Vee, Nicole Gustafsson, Karina Pavlova (WeirdUndead), Silly Chaotic, Tasia M S

Promo Cards Artists: Ameera Sheikh, Mike Pape