Free Downloadable Wallpapers from Tal’Dorei Reborn

Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn releases next Tuesday, January 18th, at all of our Critical Role shops (USUKCAAU, and EU) and Darrington Press Guild stores, followed soon after at other friendly local game stores in the US! To celebrate, we’ve created desktop and mobile wallpapers from some of the stunning new art pieces you’ll find inside the book.

Peruse these gorgeous creations and select the artwork and format that transports you most vividly to Tal’Dorei! When selecting your wallpapers, be sure to let the page load fully before saving the image to your computer or mobile device.

Zephrah by Kent Davis

The landscape of Zephrah: A village among the clouds on grassy, spiralling mountain peaks. There is a tall, purple leafed tree in the foreground with the druid Keyleth and her mother Vilya holding staffs, conversing underneath it as they look at the village. Two individuals on skysails fly overhead.


Cover by Genel Jumalon

The deck of an airship flying through the clouds above Tal'Dorei with an adranach attacking the helm of the ship, which is on fire from the adranach attack. Five adventurers on the deck of the airship face the adranach and rush to attack it, with a sixth adventurer leaping to attack the adranach. The adranach is a large, purple, luminiscent winged creature with a silver mask, silver-taloned front paws, and stars glittering in its wings.


Marquet by Ameera Sheikh

A town in the desert surrounding a blue oasis between large sand dunes. In the foreground two individuals are looking out at the city as a purple airship passes overhead.


Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk

Two goddesses, the Wildmother and the Lawbearer, stand large over a beautiful scene - a pastoral landscape on the left, a gleaming marble city on the right. The Wildmother is a Black woman with long, vibrant red hair, a flower crown upon her head and a sleevless white gown growing out of the nature around her. The Lawbearer is a white woman in dark blue robes and a breastplate of silver and gold. Their hands are lovingly intertwined.


Elvenpeaks by Kent Davis

A jagged, icy mountain peak looms over a barren, frozen valley as a beautiful, glowing borealis of purple, blue and green twists around itself. In the foreground, a figure in shadow rides a wyvern, twisting the borealis behind them like playing with ribbon.


A Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo

A brown female firbolg with long, curly brown-red hair adorned with pink and red flowers. She wears a pink and white skirt as she sits frightened on a wooden floor, holding a staff of pink and red flowers with leaves falling from it. Behind her is a wraith, their fanged mouth wide open, its two large skeletal hands reaching for her on both sides.