Playtest Daggerheart Right Now!

Our Daggerheart Open Beta Playtest is now live! Over on, you can download the playtest materials and provide us with your feedback via our official surveys. You can also download the playtest materials on DriveThruRPG or jump right into the virtual materials on Demiplane, which hosts an official Nexus and character creator.

If you want to take Daggerheart for a spin right away, we’ve provided a Quickstart Adventure and pre-generated characters to get you started! For those looking for a deeper dive, you’ll have access to the full core rulebook draft text, as well as the full suite of cards you’ll need for levels 1-10 of all of our current subclasses. Essentially, everything we have built for the game so far! Keep in mind these are unfinished materials and we’ll be continuously updating them with your valuable feedback so be sure to check out and its change log for the latest versions.

We also have two videos available to walk you through the core basics of the current version of Daggerheart: a Daggerheart 101 video, and a character creation video where Travis Willingham recreates his Critical Role Campaign 3 character Bertrand Bell in the Daggerheart system.

Tonight at 7pm Pacific, the cast of Critical Role will be livestreaming (yes, live-live!) a one-shot using the same playtest materials available to you! Tune in on Twitch or YouTube. Their Session Zero video will air on YouTube today at 10am Pacific.

We’re thrilled to start the Daggerheart Open Beta Playtest off with all of this fanfare, and can’t wait to see how you help us shape this game over the next few months of playtesting. Stay tuned for future playtest packet updates as we iterate from your valuable survey feedback!

Header art by Jessica Nguyen.