Now Available: Till the Last Gasp

Duelists, ready your weapons and your hearts: Till the Last Gasp is now available at all of our Critical Role shops:


If you purchase the game through Darrington Press Guild stores, you’ll receive exclusive pre-made characters from the Critical Role Vox Machina campaign!

This 2-player storytelling game of dramatic duels keeps gameplay cinematic and surprising, adding twists and emotion-packed prompts with the Drama Deck. Take your confrontation on a sweeping tour of your surroundings, destroying scenery, swinging from chandeliers, and leaving the place irreparably marked by these momentous events. The box comes with 9 gorgeous pre-made maps, 12 characters, and 3 scenarios for jumping into play, but it’s easy to create your own characters and situations, or to adapt them from roleplaying campaigns or media you love!

We made a very, very extra trailer with Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer showing how Till the Last Gasp works at the table and in our shared imagination. Check it out!

Till the Last Gasp brought together a wonderful team of creatives who put a ton of love into this game; we are so grateful to bring their work to your table.



    • Created By: Will Hindmarch

    • Additional Design: Alex Roberts

    • Producer: Alex Uboldi

    • Writing By: Alex Roberts, Meredith Katz, and Austin Taylor

    • Editor: Meredith Katz

    • Scenarios By: Austin Taylor

    • Graphic Design: Stephanie Gottesman

    • Illustration: Arka Tu, Daryna Kyrychenko, and Idamaria Pajala

    • Cover Art: Arka Tu

    • Cultural Consultant: James Mendez Hodes

Photography by Captain Dangerous.