Candela Obscura Character Sheets & Sneak Peek!

Next week is the full release of the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook! It will be available in both standard edition ($39.99 USD) and limited editions ($59.99 USD), as well as a full digital conversion from our partners at Demiplane (the Candela Obscura Nexus, $29.99 USD)!

Here’s our guide on what to buy and where:

As a treat to whet your appetites for this game, here’s a taste of both the characters you’ll play AND the places you’ll go!

Character Sheets

Each investigator of Candela Obscura has a role and a specialty, describing some of their strengths and special abilities. Each specialty has its own character sheet to make it easy to reference your options and abilities as you grow and advance! Will you play the Weird Occultist, bringing to bear strange magicks to protect your team and plague your foes? Will you play a Doctor, patching folks up from mundane injuries as well as the corruptive effects of bleed, seeping into our world from beyond the Flare? 

Download the full packet of character sheets here, also found on the Resources section of our Candela Obscura page and let us know the characters you want to play using the hashtag #CandelaObscura!

South Soffit

South Soffit is a lower-class district of Newfaire that is nestled in the ruins of Oldfaire beneath the high-society neighborhood of the Eaves. This layered district encounters dangers where it meets the ancient bones of the old civilization beneath Newfaire, houses several points of interest, and has an example assignment (just like all the districts of Newfaire in the book). 

You might also recognize the Clara House, a soup kitchen and shelter, from the first episode of Candela Obscura: The Circle of the Vassal and the Veil! Watch all Candela Obscura episodes on Critical Role’s Twitch or YouTube, and tune in on November 30th for a brand new chapter with The Circle of Tide & Bone!

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