First Looks at Our Upcoming Games!

This week we’re wishing Critical Role a very happy 7 year anniversary! At Darrington Press, we’re delighted to be making new tabletop games with the exuberant team of game-loving nerds at Critical Role. In celebration of this milestone, let’s walk through first looks at TWO of our upcoming games!

Guardians of Matrimonia

Guardians of Matrimonia is a beautifully-themed board game where you play an elite fantasy wedding planning team, ensuring that no dragons, liches, or magical mishaps can ruin the special day for the adventurer spouses. The game’s illustrator Monica M. Magaña created two portraits for each of the four Guardian types in this game, and today we’re showing off one portrait of the Ale-Chemist, with words from Monica herself!

An Ale-Chemist is a master of hospitality: able to brew up refreshments so decadent as to amaze the wedding’s guests and spouses alike! The Ale-Chemist has ample abilities to help the team, but also has a few tricks up their sleeve for the optional PvP mode, in which Guardians still need to throw a stellar party but also compete amongst themselves for tips.

“I had such a blast getting to merge some modern day roles with fantasy archetypes and I really think the Ale-Chemists get to have so much fun. On their face they seem like basic support, but they really get to bring a wonderful touch of whimsy to everything they do. I loved getting to illustrate this Ale-Chemist showing off their drink and potion making abilities. The way they incorporate their magical showmanship with how they can really address the task at hand was such a fun personality to try and capture.”

Illustrator Monica M. Magaña

Guardians of Matrimonia will release later this year, and while we don’t have a specific release date yet, stay informed by newsletter! We can’t wait to showcase more of this joyous game.


And behold! Your very first look at Syndicult, a modern magic role-playing game from the mind of Matthew Mercer, where underground syndicates vie for magical powers in a world of artifacts, mysteries, and crime. What’s going on in this comic panel, you wonder? Why that’s a secret that’s simply too dangerous to divulge… for now.

Get excited to read more of this comic with art from Ryan Best, lettering from Micah Myers, and writing from Jeremy Melloul.

Happy 7th anniversary, Critical Role! We’re thrilled to be a part of this journey of nerdy-ass voice actors telling wondrous and inspiring stories.

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