We are so excited to have enthusiastic GMs running and teaching our games! We have a few core expectations for our Darrington Press GMs. Please read the list below and let us know if you have any questions about our expectations!

If you accept these expectations, tell us about your interest in this survey.

Expectations for our GMs

Core Values: A core pillar of Darrington Press is that we believe in the positive impact of storytelling and are passionate about sharing our love for games with others to inspire their own moments of joy, collaboration, and imagination. We understand that games provide a platform for people to express themselves and tell their own unique stories, which is why we are committed to creating an environment that fosters such experiences.

  • As such, core values we expect from our GMs are being kind, patient, understanding, and respectful. As you meet and run games for a large variety of people with a wide breadth of experience, we expect you to accommodate your table and tweak your adventure to fit your players to the best of your abilities.

Welcoming: Knowing you will mostly be GMing for strangers, we expect you to create a table that invites people in. We ask that you are able to explain rules and teach our games to the rich variety of people who may be seated at our tables, including both long-time players and brand-new ones. Patience and understanding are key to making people feel welcome.

Inclusive: Players at your table will come with their own unique set of experiences, both in life and in gameplay. Strive to create an inclusive environment at your table and in your storytelling. Safety tools can be powerful to help everyone at your table have an enjoyable experience, such as those included in our game rules as well as a more general suite of tools like those in the TTRPG Safety Toolkit.

Prepared: Make sure you have all the base materials needed to run your game and are conversant in both the adventure material and rules of the game. Running practice sessions ahead of time can be valuable for discovering what questions you may have about the game or adventure—reach out to us with those questions! During your games, you should be able to answer basic questions about the game you are running. However, do not feel you need to have all the answers! You can always direct more detailed questions to Darrington Press staff or the [email protected] email address.